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Bridal Jewellery

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Which bridal jewellery is very special?

Kundan jewellery is said to be very special for bridal wear as Kundan jewellery is made with the use of semi – precious and precious stones with the 24 karat gold all around it. It was worn by royalty and important personality of the earlier times so it makes one feel like that only. It is currently bride’s best friend.

How to choose the best bridal jewellery?

  • Always match neckline of the blouse with necklace.
  • Make sure that the jewellery is highlighted always. So make it a point to think and match before hand.
  • A bride us supposed to wear the jewellery for almost 12 hours so make sure the jewellery does not give allergies to the bride for an easy jewellery party.

What is best match of bridal jewellery with wedding dress?

Best matched jewellery with wedding dress depends upon the dress colour, style, neck designs and how you are going to drape it.
  • Meenakari jewellery is becoming a popular choice of bride as this jewellery is very special and has intricate work and fresh design. It complements the bridal dress which has deep neck and pretty lively colours.
  • Kundan is said to be the purest form of gold. Various precious and semi-precious stones are combined together to make such a beautiful bridal piece.

How to maintain precious bridal jewellery?

Bridal jewellery is precious and maintain them is not really a task but with few tips one can actually keep them in a good state:
  1. Keep the precious bridal jewellery in an air tight box which has a cloth lining inside it or add a soft cloth to cover the jewellery first.
  2. Do not put weight on the jewellery as it may harm them.
  3. Use a soft brush to clear the dust on the precious jewellery every time you it.