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Banarasi Sarees

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How to identify a banarasi saree?

  • Check the floats on the reverse side of the Banarasi saree, which is between the grids. If it’s a handwoven banarasi saree, then it must have that floats because machine cannot replicate that!
  • Usually, an original Banarasi saree has traditional Persian handmade designs on it including amru, ambi and domak. However, the fake banarasi saree doesn’t have such designs on it.
  • There are also pin marks on the banarasi saree, which is usually found on the selvage of the saree to fix the handloom saree.

What is the special feature of banarasi saree?

Banarasi silk sarees are extremely popular all across the world. It’s made with the fine and premium silk fabric material, which defines the sheer elegance and royalty. Banarasi silk saree has special features, which defines its beauty and grace. For instance, it is crafted with the gold and silver threads and that’s the major reason it takes time to finish it. Then, only traditional Persian motifs are used in making of Banarasi silk saree mixed up with the Indian customary designs. The perfect blend of art and culture is defined in the Banarasi silk sarees!

How banarasi saree should be accessorized beautifully?

To accessorize your Banarasi saree, there are different traditional accessories that you must try with it beautifully. Some of the popular and elegant traditional accessories to try with your Banarasi saree is gajra, bangles, bindi, potli bag and anklets.

How to maintain banarasi saree?

To maintain your banarasi saree, there are certain tips that you must know and follow:
  • As it’s a banarasi silk saree, then it should be handled with care. It needs to dry cleaned once you have worn it 2 to 3 times.
  • Luke warm water and mild detergent should be used while washing the banarasi silk saree.
  • Dry cleaning is another way to maintain your banarasi silk saree.

How to reuse banarasi sarees?

To reuse the banarasi silk saree again for different other occasions and festivals, here are some stunning and amazing ways.
  • Go for full length skirt or embroidered silk lehenga.
  • Try and experiment with your traditional banarasi silk saree and make it a dress either long or short one!
  • You can also choose to go with the kurta/kurti with the banarasi silk saree because that will also look beautiful.
  • Nowadays, long jackets are quite trendy, so this time you can try to experiment with your banarasi silk saree in an absolutely new way i.e. long jacket.
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