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Is it fine to wash Sarees in Washing Machine?

Sarees are gentle and delicate and that’s why the handwashing and dry cleaning are the best ways to keep them new. When you will wash it in the machine, it may ruin its entire look. Also, the size of the saree may shrink. That’s why you must clean it carefully. According to the fabric, you can decide which fabric have to be washed in what way. For cotton and silk sarees, you should avoid machine washing, while for synthetic sarees like georgette and polyester, you can prefer it. However, if you are confused regarding the fabric, then dry cleaning and handwashing will help.

What are the best ways to store sarees in cupboard or wardrobe?

The best ways to store your saree is either on the hanger after pressing it or in the bag with naphthalene balls. You should always focus on the weight, texture, colour, weaves and work of the saree. Also, check the climatic conditions around it and make your saree look special. When you are keeping them in your wardrobe or cupboard, try to find the ways of keeping the insects and warms away. And according to us, the naphthalene balls and dry neem leaves will help. Here’s another tip for you, never store a saree as soon after wearing it and allow it to get some air.

Why sarees are so expensive?

Sarees are expensive because they are made up of 6 to 9 yards of fabric. The extra fabric increases the cost of any garment. Not only this, most of the sarees are found with embellishing and embroidery work, which are quite expensive and makes a saree look heavier. Also, In India, you can find many different kinds of fabrics, where no two pieces of cloth cost the same. So if you are paying more for a saree, then it means it is made up of good quality fabric. And the best part is that not every saree costs a lot and you can find some amazing designs in reasonable sarees also. It’s just, you have to define needs and choose the best saree for yourself.

How to Remove Oil Stain from sarees?

The best and easiest way to remove the oil stain from your sarees is by applying talcum powder or baking soda on the spot and let it sit for an hour. After that, brush away the powder and clean it normally using a mild detergent. You should make sure to bloat as much oil as possible using the paper towel before moving forward to this process. If you still feel that stain is on the saree, simply air dry it. It will make sure that stain removal. Tip: Don’t leave the stain for a longer time and act quickly

How to identify the quality of your Sarees?

The best ways to identify the quality of your saree is by doing some easy Tests:
  • Touch Test: The easiest and quickest way to know the quality is by rubbing the fabric with hands. Synthetic fabrics are not warmth on rubbing, while real fabrics are.
  • Ring Test: The genuine sarees will not be able to come out from a ring, while artificial ones will.
  • Consider the price: If you are paying more for the saree, then it will be in better quality.
  • Look at the weaves: The good quality sarees are made up of good quality woven fabric and have no extra threads. So choose it.